32 years ago in Utah BMX history. *video*

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32 years ago in Utah BMX history. *video*

Postby bnd » Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:19 pm

Sit back & soak it up race fans, this is what indoor racing looked like in the early to mid 80's around here.


In this clip you have, Jace Whilhem, Bryon Wixom, Scott Taul, Nathan Toone, Chris Seamon & 2 others I can't be sure about (Orlando Delgado?) This was most likely a 16 expert main.
Anyways, this was held in the old Fairgrounds Arena in Salt Lake City. Smooth tires, 39-16 gearing, flat pedals & you'd better have a killer gate. In the background you can hear Ron Melton announcing.

The Taul family produced this old VHS tape a few years ago & I made about 10 copies and spread them around to a bunch of racers & families who used to race & are still involved.

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