30 & over clinic, July 10th. Thoughts.

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30 & over clinic, July 10th. Thoughts.

Postby bnd » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:09 pm

Well, I'll tell ya what I think so take it with a grain of salt.

The good,
This has been a needed thing for a long time. A lot of the older rider crowd never grew up racing & learned the basics of good "race craft", or just lost the basic fundamentals after a few decades of being off a bike. This should be as common as a Novice clinic.

The So-So.
A few things I raise an eyebrow to, $20 bucks for a 2 hr session? Maybe if it were a small, 5 person type of deal but if it's anything like last time, there were 20+ riders there. Honestly, how is anyone going to get anything solid, other than advice out of it? I've been to clinics over the years & most of them have been a waste of time because of the time and the crowd size. I damn near demanded my money back after a "factory" clinic in 2002.
1. Make it affordable, $10 a rider with half (or all) going to the track. I'd do it for free if I put one on.....be honored to.
2. I know there's time constraints so limit it to a certain amount of riders so there is plenty of "one on one" time. That's the only way somebody is going to get anything out of a clinic.
3. Everybody gets involved with dropping the knowledge. T.P. gets gate start duty. Doc Alvey gets berm warfare 101 duty. Steve Spencer gets rhythm sections. Dallas gets "how to NOT get mad after a race" & Matt Spencer talks about fitness & training.
You break up the racers into smaller classes and rotate them after 30 minutes.

Thanks for reading.
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